Domestic Wastewater Characterization by Emission Source

Caractérisation des effluents domestiques selon leur source d'émission

Boutin, C. ; Eme, C.

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Communication scientifique avec actes
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Historically, domestic wastewater has been split into two main categories: blackwater and greywater. We set out to characterize domestic effluent more finely in terms of specific pollution emission sources: urine, faeces, toilet paper, cooking, bathroom and laundry effluent, etc. This more detailed characterization helps to provide a more thorough knowledge of domestic wastewater composition and its variability. This literature review makes an inventory of scientific papers characterizing household effluents by emission sources in Western Europe, in contexts similar to France. A critical reading is made, covering analysis protocols and sampling methods. Results are also compared with national data for small communities. In volume terms, greywater is the main contributor to domestic wastewater. Faeces and toilet paper supply most of the organic matter. Nitrogen comes mainly from urine, and phosphorus mainly from greywater generated by food-related and cleaning activities. The nutrient balance of each effluent, represented in this study by the ratios BOD5:N,P, allows an estimation of its response potential with regard to biological treatment. The evaluation of nutrient balance reveals chronic nutrient deficits in greywater for a biological treatment. However, such treatment is favoured by the biodegradability and nutrient balance of human excreta in blackwater. With the aim to optimize wastewater uses by treating or recycling specific domestic effluents, this work provides a database with range s of variation and knowledge for a fuller understanding of processes.
13eme congres spécialisé IWA on Small Water and wastewater Systems, 14/09/2016 - 16/09/2016, Athènes, GRC

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